Newsletter December 2016

Newsletter 2016

The Tackling Indigenous Smoking Team

The Tackling Indigenous Smoking Team includes David, Michael, Pippa and Dale. Our team works across Broome, Beagle Bay and Bidyadanga.

Our role is to provide smoking information and education to community members and community services.

We educate young people about the harms of smoking, help organisations to become smoke free and work with community members one-on-one to cut down or quit smoking all together!

Our aim is to promote a smoke free Kimberley where people are healthier and wealthier!


 Community Events

The Tackling Indigenous Smoking team has been busy this year delivering 25 training sessions and workshops some highlights include:

World No Tobacco Day was celebrated in Broome with the team setting up a stall at the Boulevard shopping centre as well as the entrance at the BRAMS clinic.

The team spoke to a 100 members of the Broome community about their smoking, we provided people with information on the harms of smoking and where to go for further help.


Michael and Dale also traveled out to Bidyadanga with the BBQ to do a World No Tobacco Day stall outside of the Bidyadanga Clinic, the team chatted to 30 community members about protecting young ones from taking up smoking.


World No Tobacco Day was celebrated in Broome with the team setting up a stall at the Boulevard shopping centre as well as the entrance at the BRAMS clinic, the team gave out information packs as well as smoking history checks and also recorded some audio smoking histories.

Smoke-Free Workplaces

An ongoing program that we do is the Smoke-Free workplaces, working with management and staff our target is to create smoke-free environments at the workplace.


Nirumbuk, Madalah, Broome Circle and Kimberley Stolen Generation Aboriginal Corporation have been great with their openness and support allowing staff to participate in smoking information and smoking cessation advice workshops, undertaking site visits identifying smoking hazards and areas.

This partnership creates awareness and more importantly provides the community and staff a smoke-free environment to work in and visit.

 Sandy Dann Radio Show

Our team has been on the Sandy Dann radio segment at Radio Goolarri this year chatting to Sandy about the issues of tobacco and what help is available for the community locally and in the remote areas of the West Kimberley.

Michael spoke about handy tips to help stop the cravings of nicotine and also the health impacts it has on our Indigenous community while Pippa spoke about her role in the team and what services the team can provide through BRAMS and also contacting her direct.

 Beagle Bay KRCI Car Bonnets

The Tackling Indigenous Smoking team have been working in partnership with the Beagle Bay office of KRCI this year providing a workshop to staff on Smoking Information and Cessation on location at the KRCI beagle Bay training room.


From this workshop the staff and TIS team work shopped ideas on creating community based education on smoking and came up with the concept of using second hand car bonnets as signs that would be painted by staff and kids.


This program will create pride in the community and educate people about smoking in their homes and around community. This is an ongoing project that we hope grows to other communities in the region.

 Beagle Bay School

The TIS team have been visiting the Sacred Heart School at Beagle Bay this year doing information sessions with students about smoking and also a fun project creating their own super hero’s based in Beagle Bay to promote healthy lifestyles and tackling youth smoking in the community.

Super hero colour in and cut out figure

 Bidyadanga Hip Hop

Tackling Indigenous Smoking team helped provide funding and support to Bidyadanga community to run a 3 day hip hop workshop in their community with the Break Thru project.

All five elements of the workshop (Bboying, MCing, Graffiti, DJing, Knowledge) incorporated the Nuff of the Puff message.


The kids were amazing and stayed focused every day and worked towards showcasing their new talents at a community concert on the Friday night. Deadly Dan made an appearance and battled (Dance off) the kids on the dance floor to end the night.



Showing once again that smoke free lungs let you hip hop longer, harder and faster!!

 Green Army

BRAMS and the Green Army from Mamabulanjin have a partnership focussed on creating a healthy workforce.

As part of this partnership- our team have interviewed and checked each member of Green Army recording their smoking history.

For those that wanted to quit we have helped them to develop quit plans and if they wanted, we have booked them in to see our own Smoking Cessation Counsellor, Pippa.

 Smoking stories from the community

Local personality David Howard made contact with our team as he started his journey to quit smoking, he talked about his smoking history with Michael in a video interview which will be a part of the marketing approach in the new year.

David had shown how some help and motivation can go a long way with quitting and staying smoke-free which can be achieved by anyone anytime you just need to make a plan.

This video will be available to see in the new year

 Derby Prison

The team have been visiting the Derby Prison this year to provide smoking information and motivational tools to the indigenous inmates once a month. The Derby Prison is not yet a smoke-free workplace and we are working with the staff and inmates to provide safer smoke-free environment for staff and inmates. We have provided informational sessions to 49 Indigenous inmates this year.

Broome Advertiser Print

During the year the TIS team has worked with the Broome Advertiser with designing print ads for the paper to help promote the Tackling Indigenous Smoking message, here are some examples of what was created.



 New marketing material

We have started creating new material to help promote our message, here are some examples.

You can find these new designs at

 Instagram memes

Our team has created colourful memes for our Instagram feed that enforces our Tackling Indigenous Smoking messages in a modern and fast way, here are some examples.



You can find these memes at


Here are some statistic’s of our program across the West Kimberley. PIOSAC (Provide Information Of Smoking And Smoking Cessation)

Community Event Participation

Closing the Gap 200
Radio Talk with Sandy Dann 400
Youth Week 250
Smarter than Smoking 250
World No Tobacco Day 360
Bidyadanga WNTD 80
NAIDOC Day 150
NAIDOC at Courthouse 200
Bidyadanga Hip Hop 150
BRAMS Fun Day 57
Youth Basketball Comp 250

 Will Hunter Story

Hi my name is William Hunter. Im a Bardi and Nunga man (south Australia, Ceduna), Im a Broome local lived her most of my life and grew up down at Burrgugoon also known as Morgan Camp. im very sport active/healthy life style person and love my hunting especially being around the sea.

Im current doing my Aboriginal Health worker Cert IV and very close to finishing and graduating at the end of this month . Since working at Broome Regional Aboriginal Medical Service (BRAMS) for nearly 2 years I had found interest in helping my country men and wanting to give back , so I took on studies for a year doing the Aboriginal health worker cert IV at Kimberley Aboriginal Medical Service (KAMS) and would recommended to other young indigenous people to get into it.

As part of my Aboriginal Health Worker Training I was put in the ‘’NUFF OF THE PUFF’’ tackling indigenous smoking team at BRAMS for placement for 2 weeks. Working with the team is great, real helpful and great to learn from. Being here i got the insights and damage of how dangerous of smoking is and what it is doing to our people. Over the last 2 weeks I have been doing community awareness ,speaking on the Goolarri radio channel , traveling up to beagle bay doing education and programs about smoking , doing smoke surveys in the clinic and out in nuff the puff tent speaking to locals handing out advertise stuff for smoking and also making my own nuff of the puff advertisements posters to get out awareness . which is all great an experience.

I would also like to thank Dave Betty , Michael Torres, Dale Bin Sulaiman and Pippa Bell from the From the “NUFF OF THE PUFF” tackling indigenous smoke team for having me on board for the last 2 weeks and the great experience, education and mentoring they gave me.

The TIS team at the local youth basketball competition