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The Family Centre aims to improve pregnancy outcomes of Indigenous mothers and their babies, by providing a culturally secure maternity service for Indigenous women, their partners, and families. It also focuses on working with families to achieve the best health and development outcomes for their children.

Our Maternal and Child Health team offer holistic family intervention for at risk clients and families by engaging them with our Safety and Wellbeing workers and external services such as Counsellors, Paediatricians, Allied Health, Tackling Smoking Worker and other support agencies where needed.


  • Child Health Check Clinic

    8.30am – 12pm

  • Child Health Chronic Disease Clinic

    8.30am – 12pm

  • Immunisation Clinic

    12.30pm – 3.30pm


  • Antenatal Clinic

    8.30am – 3.30pm

  • Newborn and 6 week mum and bub check

    8.30am – 3.30pm

  • Physiotherapist


  • Paediatric Nutritionist

    8.30 – 3.30pm (fortnightly)

  • Immunisation Clinic

    12.30 – 3.30pm


  • Child Health Checks


  • Women’s Health Clinic

    8.30am-12pm (fortnightly)

  • Speech Therapy


  • Occupational Therapist



  • Antenatal Clinic


  • Paediatrician Clinic


  • Immunisation Clinic


  • Child Health Clinic (BRAMS main clinic)


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The Centre offers

  • Antenatal assessment and support and postnatal checks, to ensure the best health outcomes for mothers and babies.
  • A culturally appropriate place that encourages pregnant women and families to attend.
  • Early identification and intervention for development delay in children.
  • Referral to specialists, and on-going tracking of developmental checks, using an appointment based system that will increase on-going attendance.
  • Support to pregnant women to develop a good understanding of Maternal Health concepts.
  • Support to both mothers and fathers to increase their parenting skills and confidence to support child development.
  • Identification of SEWB issues and referrals as needed.
  • Indigenous Health Checks and immunisations.
  • Harm associated with health risk behaviours during pregnancy.

  • Antenatal care and education to give baby a good start and throughout the pregnancy.
  • Healthy beginnings with breast-feeding.

We also provide health promotion and education around the dangers of smoking and consuming alcohol and other drugs during pregnancy. Topics include;

We have resources of visiting Specialists to provide care and services to individuals and groups directly, supervise activities and train staff. The specialists include Psychologist, Alcohol and Drug Counsellor, Paediatrician, Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist, Nutritionist, Audiologist, Ophthalmologist, and Physician.

Safety and Wellbeing Program

Our Safety and Wellbeing Program offers Social and Emotional Wellbeing support to our clients. The female and male workers are heavily engaged with the Family Centre to offer support to pregnant women, their partners and families. They advocate, support and refer to other agencies as need.

The Program offers;

  • One on one Counselling.

  • Advocacy and support to engage with BRAMS and external services.
  • Engaging with ‘at risk’ families to ensure better health outcomes.
  • Support with alcohol and other drugs throughout pregnancy and after pregnancy.
  • SEWB support to other programs within BRAMS. For e.g. Antenatal and Child Health Clinics, Clontarf Boys Academy, Broome Girls Academy, CentreCare Breakfast Group, GP Mental Wellbeing Clinic, Psychiatrist and Psychologist Clinic, Milliya Rumurra Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Clinic and Paediatric Clinics.
  • Education and Health Promotion to raise awareness of SEWB issues to BRAMS staff and outside agencies.


Comes every Thursday to the Family Centre.

Paediatric Cardiology

Speech Therapist

Speech Pathologist come every Wednesday to the Family Centre.

Child Psychologist

Child Psychologist – comes to Family Centre 5 times a year with the Development Paediatrician.

Women’s Health Program

Our Women’s Health Nurse is available for pap smears, contraception and STI (Sexually Transmitted Infections) testing; treatment and contact tracing.

Paediatric Dietician

Paediatric Dietician comes to Family Centre every second Tuesday – for children and pregnant women.

Tackling Smoking Worker

Our Tackling Smoking Worker engages with our clients by offering one on one counselling to quit smoking, provide education and health promotion around the dangers of smoking and works closely with the Family Centre to decrease smoking rates amongst our antenatal clients.

Development Paediatrician

Visiting Development Paediatricians clinics are held only five times a year and it is vital that patients keep their appointments or advise of their unavailability to provide others with the opportunity to take their appointment time due to such limited spaces available.


The physiotherapy clinic is held Tuesday mornings at the Family Centre and is a walk-in clinic. This service is available for women and children.  The patients that they are particularly interested in treating are the ante and post natal women and any children with developmental or respiratory problems.

Tamsen Prunster
Tamsen Prunster Midwife
Diandra Cox
Diandra Cox Receptionist
Patrick Cox
Patrick Cox Safety and Wellbeing Officer
Cecilia DannSafety and Wellbeing Officer